Have you seen your RDH lately?

What’s an RDH, you ask? Well, here’s a hint: You (hopefully!) see her every six months, and you spend more time with her than the dentist! Who are we talking about? Your personal oral wellness coach, of course, or as you better know her, your Registered Dental Hygienist.

Hygienists are licensed oral health professionals who have spent between two to four years studying anatomy, oral health and hygiene, systemic health systems, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, radiology, and many other topics. They screen for oral cancer, check your blood pressure, and scope out gum disease and decay. And about flossing….they only nag because they care: by some reports, flossing can add three years to a person’s estimated lifespan!

Dental hygienists have critical input regarding patients plans of care, and to stay educated they obtain continuing education credits by attending courses and conferences to stay current.

At Sullivan Dental, our hygienists have nearly 100 years of collective hygiene experience. Their friendly and welcoming bedside manner makes your biannual checkups stress-free and enjoyable. And next time you’re visiting your oral wellness coach—Amy, Angela, Jen, or Holly—be sure to pick their brains!